Expert Technical and Negotiation Support Services

MMA’s principals are experienced in providing expert opinion on hydrogeologic conditions and groundwater modeling in expert reports, depositions, and trials. They have special expertise in cases that involve groundwater contamination-related insurance claims, contaminant plume allocation issues, remedial action disputes, and water-resource allocation. MMA’s first-hand experience in the development and application of groundwater modeling has provided legal clients with both expert review of existing groundwater models and development of scientifically defensible groundwater models for application to real-world problems.

Parkview Well Superfund Site - Nebraska

MMA completed development, calibration and application of a groundwater flow model to evaluate potential sources of groundwater contamination.

Parkview Well Superfund Site, Grand Island, Nebraska

On behalf of a confidential client, McDonald Morrissey Associates completed development, calibration and application of a groundwater flow model to evaluate the potential source of groundwater contamination at the Parkview Well Superfund Site, Grand Island Nebraska.

The groundwater flow model considered groundwater flow conditions over a 50 year period and examined the impact of municipal pumping and drain systems on groundwater flow directions.

Rancho Cordova Inactive Rocket Test Site

MMA provided expert hydrogeologic consulting services to The Boeing Company regarding contamination at an inactive rocket testing facility.

Hydrogeologic Consulting Services to The Boeing Company

McDonald Morrissey Associates provided expert hydrogeologic consulting services to The Boeing Company regarding contamination at the Rancho Cordova Inactive Test Site, an inactive rocket testing facility near Sacramento, California. Historically, groundwater contamination resulted from a static rocket assembly and test facility operated at the Site from 1956 to 1972.

MMA created groundwater models that simulated historic groundwater contamination distributions and travel times and provided a basis for contaminant allocation evaluations.


East Phoenix Contamination - Phoenix, Arizona

McDonald Morrissey Associates conducted groundwater flow and transport simulations and in support of contaminant cleanup allocation arbitrations.

Groundwater Flow Modelling for Honeywell, Inc.

On behalf of Honeywell, Inc., McDonald Morrissey Associates conducted studies analyzing groundwater flow and solute migration in vicinity of the Motorola 52nd Street and Honeywell 34th Street facilities. Groundwater modeling analyses were used to establish cleanup costs for PRPs.

MMA provided expert testimony to an arbitration panel responsible for determining final allocating costs of remediation systems.

Other Representative Projects

Confidential Client Southwestern United States — Analyzed ground-water flow and transport from an industrial site to establish extent of migration of ground water contaminated by volatile organic compounds. Prepared expert report describing information sources and rationale for mathematical models. Provided consultation in support of litigation. Evaluated and advised on analyses prepared by experts for plaintiffs and other defendants.

Confidential Client Caribbean Area — Studied ground-water flow and transport in an urban area affected by solutes from industrial plants, gasoline stations and dry cleaning establishments. Assessed information available to simulate migration of TCE, BTEX and MTBE.

Cinnaminson Landfill Superfund Site, New Jersey — MMA prepared a three-dimensional ground-water flow and advective solute transport models in support of ongoing litigation at a Landfill Superfund Site in southwest New Jersey. Ground-water modeling evaluated potential long-term up-gradient sources to a proposed ground-water remediation system.

Stepan Chemical Company, New Jersey — MMA provided hydrogeologic analyses and expert testimony for Stepan Chemical Company in a case involving ground-water contamination at several sites in New Jersey including the Ewan and D’Imperio Superfund sites. Ground-water contamination included organic and inorganic chemicals.

Cascade Corporation, Portland — Provided assistance and review for the development of a three-dimensional ground water flow model in semi-consolidated rocks and alluvium along the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon. The issue involved understanding the movement of contaminants in ground water near several industrial sites in relation to nearby city wells. The results of the investigation were used to support litigation.

Lowry Landfill Superfund Site, Denver, Colorado –- MMA provided hydrogeologic analysis and expert testimony for Adolph Coors Company in a case involving contamination of ground water with volatile organic compounds at the Lowry landfill. Specific issues included the extent and timing of ground-water contamination at the site.

Textron Corporation, New Hampshire — MMA provided hydrogeologic analysis and expert testimony for Davidson Rubber Company, a division of Textron, for insurance recovery litigation associated with contamination of ground water with volatile organic compounds at several sites in New Hampshire. The sites included the Dover Landfill, Cardinal Landfill, Silresim site, Keefe site, Ottadi and Goss site, the Charles George site, and the Davidson Company plant site.