Services: Modeling Groundwater Flow Systems

McDonald Morrissey Associates (MMA) provides expert services in the evaluation of groundwater flow and solute transport for groundwater supply development and analysis of contaminated sites. MMA’s principals share more than 50 years of experience in the conduct, management and technical oversight of a wide variety of groundwater projects.
MMA’s project experience includes groundwater resource development, wellhead and source-water protection area delineation, mine dewatering, contaminant transport evaluations, groundwater remediation assessment, plume allocation, expert testimony and negotiation support, and regional groundwater flow system analysis. In addition, MMA’s staff is fully experienced in development and execution of hydrogeologic field investigations.

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Water Resource Evaluation

MMA has provided water resource evaluation for numerous industrial and government clients. Specific services include groundwater basin analysis, groundwater modeling, groundwater supply, wellhead protection evaluation, surface-water/groundwater interaction assessment, and field investigations.

Mining Hydrogeology and Impact Assessment

Since its inception, MMA has provided hydrogeologic consulting services to mining and related industries. MMA analyses have been used to establish ground-water extraction rates for mines, minimize the potential for depletion from surface-water bodies, and support negotiations with state and federal regulators.

Contaminant Hydrogeology

MMA has completed analyses of contaminant hydrogeology for numerous clients across the United States. Investigations included chemical fate-and -transport, contaminant travel time calculations, contaminant plume history matching, remedial alternative evaluations, contaminant plume allocation, and natural attenuation assessment.

Expert Technical and Negotiation Support

MMA’s principals are experienced in providing expert opinion on hydrogeologic conditions and ground-water modeling in expert reports, depositions, and trials. They have special expertise in cases that involve ground-water contamination-related insurance claims, contaminant plume allocation issues, remedial action disputes, and water-resource allocation.

Waste Management

MMA provides modeling analyses to help a range of state, municipal, federal, and corporations assess groundwater flow conditions for waste management, including landfills, superfund sites, radioactive waste disposal sites, and subsurface injection of treated wastewater.